Turk’s Cap Lily – eine seltene Blume aus der von Mythen umwobenen Gegend des Pizols, der Heimat von Wyss & Partner.

Exclusive access to unique, global small and medium-sized growth pearls. This is Xantos – a rare opportunity.

In Switzerland alone, there are hundreds of asset management investment funds. However, there is only one that offers access to investments in smaller global hidden champions that are successful in the second or third position of a value chain in growth areas or that offer unique end products in an attractive niche.

Information on Xantos

Small & Mid Caps
  • Focus on small and medium-sized companies (small and mid caps) worldwide
  • Small and mid caps achieve higher long-term risk-adjusted returns than large caps
Investment Strategy
  • Focus on high growth markets and industries
  • Focus on specialised companies with high growth potential
  • Focus on companies that benefit from structural trends/change
  • Focus on companies with attractive business models that create value for shareholders