Gold quartz – a precious find in the Pizol region, rich in myths and home to Wyss & Partner.

Our home is in beautiful Sarganserland – a region not known as a centre for financial service providers. From clients we have heard that, as an internationally sought-after asset manager, we are a bit like the gold in the quartz here. A rare find on Pizol, our local mountain.

Our private clients, especially many SME entrepreneurs and independent professionals, benefit from our long-standing international experience in asset management. With the Xantos equity fund, we offer rare access to investments in small and medium-sized hidden champions around the world. The fund, which is actively managed for this purpose, is unparalleled in the landscape of asset managers.


Standpunkte September 2022

«Der Krieg in der Ukraine kann noch Jahre dauern. Doch die Chancen stehen gut, dass der Konflikt regional begrenzt bleibt», schätzt der Historiker und Experte für osteuropäische Geschichte, Professor Jeronim Perovic. Die Vermögensverwaltung «Wyss & Partner» hatte ihn zum 24. Standpunkteanlass im «Quellenhof» eingeladen. Lesen Sie hier den kompletten Zeitungsbericht aus dem Sarganserländer.

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When will the turnaround come?

Growing recession fears and inflation dynamics in the US and Europe continue to create a high degree of uncertainty in the stock markets.

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The future of energy supply

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in addition to the humanitarian catastrophe, there is a state of emergency in the energy markets. We highlight the circumstances surrounding Europe’s dependence on Russian energy, and outline what we think the way forward might be.

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Cosmos Sarganserland